Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pics of main bathroom

Most recent pictures of the main bathroom. Most of the work is done in here now.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Been a while since the last update. All of the major jobs are now complete. All of the tiling has now been done and the showers have been put into both bathrooms.

All that is left to do now is finishing touches and decorating. All of the tiling has been done by Sean who has done a great job at sorting out some of the more challenging issues we had.

These pictures show around the main bath. The shower screen is on. Its a two part folding screen. We may have to extend it to a three part, not sure yet. All the tiling around the bath has been done and the wooden ledge is in place with just some finishing off needed. Shower is in and works really well. The music system is all in and working as well just need to finish off facia at some point. Got a couple of things to add like towel rails and toilet roll holders as well.

Video of ensuite

This is the view of the other wall, opposite the
bath. Both mirrors are on as are the wall lights and the wall is painted now. All the painting is complete in this room now except for a small amount of touching up

These pictures show the main bathroom. Most of the major work has been done in here. All the tiling is sorted and we have just had the shower fitted. Got to fit a toilet seat still, sort the lights out and attach that big mirror to the wall as well as get the decorating finished but at last we can get a good idea of hows to going to finish.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

More tiling & cabinets in main bathroom

Quick entry tonight as its late.

Today has seen a lot of work on the plumbing side again. Radiators went on in both bathrooms and finally the radiator has been put back into the kitchen after all this time :).

Ensuite got some more tiling and grouting. You can see in the picture it needs buffing still tomorrow. Still a bit more tiling to be done in there tomorrow.

Main bathroom had the cabinets installed. Sink needs to be attached tomorrow but the toilet is in and working. Bottom left corner of the picture is the shower tray.

I grouted the downstairs loo tonight so tomorrow I can get the loo back on in there.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tiling ensuite and bath into main bathroom

Everythings getting a bit hazy now.. in that part of the build where there doesnt seem to be a beginning or an end. The floor in the ensuite is now tiled and some wall tiles have started to go on.

The main bathroom now has the bath in place and i've finally installed the thermostat for the underfloor heating although we've not had chance to use it yet with the tiling thats been going on

Friday, November 18, 2005


Two main things over the last few days. The main bathroom has been getting re-boarded and plastered and we have been putting underfloor heating into the new ensuite.

As you can see from these pictures the main bathroom is starting to look a bit better. This pic is where the door used to be to from the old ensuite to the master bedroom.

We ran the wire for the underfloor heating the other night on top of the plywood that the tiler had put down. He then came back and put some screed down to level it all off and protect the wires. Have tested the wires with a plug and seems to all be working. Will try and get the thermastat fitted this weekend.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

First Bath :)

Just spent an hour in the bath in the ensuite :D... Lovely. We are very pleased with the bath. I pushed for it because I wanted a bath I could finally fit in and this one has loads of room. I was worried that the water system wouldn't be up to filling it but its done us proud. Had enough water and it was very hot. The cold water tank was getting low so I am going to look at the cost of adding a secondary tank as I don't think that will be a lot of money.

Underfloor heating to go down this week and then tiling next week so the end is in sight.. for the ensuite anyway.

Moving up a notch

A lot has happened this weekend. Got quite a bit going on in the next two weeks and we had to get a few things done ready for it all. I spent a good amount of time in the downstairs toilet today boxing in the pipework at the back of the toilet. The boxing you can see to the left of the picture hides the wastepipe that comes down from the new ensuite. I need to paint the boxing later and at some point have a go at tiling the floor. I removed the toilet down there to make life easier while I did the work.

This is the main bathroom. Ill add a pic of what it used to look like later. Lot of time this weekend went into bashing the wall down between the bathroom and the ensuite and removing all the tiles. The ensuite used to be in the half that had the window. In trying to remove the tiles we lost quite a bit of plasterboard so we decided to reboard which is happening later this week. I was very grateful for Keiths help this weekend as it would of taken me ages on my own

When I pulled one of the showers off the wall that I thought had been disconnected... it hadn't so had fun and games shutting off the water while I tried to stop the water as best as I could.

Diane frosted the glass in the ensuite today as well which looks really good and has saved us having to get some new windows.

Friday, November 11, 2005


The worktop and sinks went in today. Although you cant see it the work top doesn't go all the way around as some of the top we found out was Beech instead of Birch so we are waiting on a replacement. The cabinets are all finished just the plinth to go on once the tiling has been done.

The plumber removed most of the furniture in the other bathroom today as well.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Bath Goes In

This picture shows the boxing that we had to near the window to hide the waste pipe and the cistern for the toilet. The plumber fitted the bath in place and the toilet.

The valves for the bath and shower can be seen on the wall just above the bath.

The rectangular hole in the boxing is for an MP3 player.

I fitted the shower head just to see what it would look like. It comes out of the top of the wall. The boxing up there was from when the house was extended before we got it and hides some steel.

The bath will fill from the overflow. There is one control to turn the bath on / off. One for the shower on / off and a thermostatically controlled temperature controller in the middle.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Patching Up

This pic shows the door that used to lead to the blue bedroom. Its now been blocked off.

The pic on the right shows the TV room with the wall to the ensuite now plastered over.

This is a pic from the master bedroom with the wardrobe now removed and the wall plastered over. The plasterboard hasnt been put on in the ensuite to allow us to get some pipes in for the bath.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Demolition 2

I think this work went on around the 3rd of September. In this pic Keith is putting up the dividing wall to split the bedroom in two. The picture was taken from the master bedroom through the new door that had been created.

This shot on the right is in the master bedroom. Im just knocking out the built in wardrobe that we had to open the room up a bit more.

Its that man Keith again. This pic is taken from the TV room with the white wall now knocked down.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Demolition Time

We started with the partitioning work. This involved quite a bit of bashing things down.

This blue room was going to be used partly for the new ensuite and the other half was going to extend an existing bedroom that we were using as the TV room

The white door you can just see was going to be blocked off and the red penciled in door was going to be created to give access to the master bedroom.

A partition wall would be created to divide the room in half and we would knock through the wall with the red X into the TV room.

The yellow room is the TV room. The white wall is where the screen used to hang. That's the wall we are going through to extend the TV room.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

This blog is about the work we are doing to our bathrooms. We are knocking throughout the main bathroom into the ensuite to create a large bathroom and to give it a window. We are dividing a bedroom up to create a new ensuite to replace the one we have lost.

I have started the blog a little late so I'll fill in whats happened so far and try to keep it up to date as work goes on.