Sunday, November 13, 2005

Moving up a notch

A lot has happened this weekend. Got quite a bit going on in the next two weeks and we had to get a few things done ready for it all. I spent a good amount of time in the downstairs toilet today boxing in the pipework at the back of the toilet. The boxing you can see to the left of the picture hides the wastepipe that comes down from the new ensuite. I need to paint the boxing later and at some point have a go at tiling the floor. I removed the toilet down there to make life easier while I did the work.

This is the main bathroom. Ill add a pic of what it used to look like later. Lot of time this weekend went into bashing the wall down between the bathroom and the ensuite and removing all the tiles. The ensuite used to be in the half that had the window. In trying to remove the tiles we lost quite a bit of plasterboard so we decided to reboard which is happening later this week. I was very grateful for Keiths help this weekend as it would of taken me ages on my own

When I pulled one of the showers off the wall that I thought had been disconnected... it hadn't so had fun and games shutting off the water while I tried to stop the water as best as I could.

Diane frosted the glass in the ensuite today as well which looks really good and has saved us having to get some new windows.

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