Monday, December 19, 2005

Been a while since the last update. All of the major jobs are now complete. All of the tiling has now been done and the showers have been put into both bathrooms.

All that is left to do now is finishing touches and decorating. All of the tiling has been done by Sean who has done a great job at sorting out some of the more challenging issues we had.

These pictures show around the main bath. The shower screen is on. Its a two part folding screen. We may have to extend it to a three part, not sure yet. All the tiling around the bath has been done and the wooden ledge is in place with just some finishing off needed. Shower is in and works really well. The music system is all in and working as well just need to finish off facia at some point. Got a couple of things to add like towel rails and toilet roll holders as well.

Video of ensuite

This is the view of the other wall, opposite the
bath. Both mirrors are on as are the wall lights and the wall is painted now. All the painting is complete in this room now except for a small amount of touching up

These pictures show the main bathroom. Most of the major work has been done in here. All the tiling is sorted and we have just had the shower fitted. Got to fit a toilet seat still, sort the lights out and attach that big mirror to the wall as well as get the decorating finished but at last we can get a good idea of hows to going to finish.

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